The Rules

  • Chat spam/mic spam will result in a Silence.
  • Abusing votekick functions will earn you a 1 day holiday from the servers.
  • Please keep chat clean, no-one likes foul language and speak in English.
  • Spamming chat with lennyfaces/etc will earn you a 1 day silence.
  • Racist name calling or inappropriate usernames will earn you a 2 day ban after a warning.
  • Abuse towards admins won't be tolerated, free 2 day holiday awaits you after a warning.
  • This list is non exhaustive, use common sense.
  • To report a rule breaker, head to the Discord server or use the cross server chat.
  • TL;DR, don't be a dick, we welcome all members to our community, however we ask for you to respect the rules and admin decisions.