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Server rules:

Chat spam/mic spam will result in a Silence.

Abusing votekick functions will earn you a 2 day holiday from the servers.

Please keep chat clean, no-one likes foul language.

Spamming chat with lennyfaces/etc will earn you a 2 day silence.

Racist name calling or inappropriate usernames will earn you a kick after a warning.

Hacking and/or scamming will not be tolerated, you will be banned.

Abuse towards admins won't be tolerated, free 2 day holiday awaits you after a warning.

Now, this is not a complete list of rules, use common sense if a user is causing bother report it on the Forums With Evidence. As far as flaming, baiting or generally trying to annoy people that is down to the Admin dealing with it, if someone is trying to make you kick off or start insulting them don't bother, keep quiet and report it.

TL;DR, don't be a dick, we welcome all members to our community, however we ask for you to respect the rules and admin decisions.

Site rules:

I'll do these when people use the site :^)

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